I heard on CNN today about a ‘gun violence epidemic’ that we are currently suffering through and for some time now. About 1/3 of the American population own one or more guns. That means 66% of us don’t and yet we are all vulnerable to gun violence. If you watch the news, mass shootings have been happening all over the country at an alarming pace.

So what’s to be done to help solve this problem?

First off let’s start with the 2nd Amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the…

Silent Witnesses for Péter Forgács — [collage poetry]
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

…and I saw the scissors.
at the edge of the unthinkable
giving a certain emotional meaning which never existed before
and it’s very hard to feel how long an image should last
and put it together in [the] mind.

We have a lot of information.
95% is irrational, emotional, subconscious information.
We are selective.

So it was about “nothing”.
That’s why it’s disturbing;
about fire, skin, hair, touch, and body.
And it was quite difficult to create anything from them.
Hair is being cut in the photograph.
townspeople casually witness the incident.
shocking in…

Monsters in Trousers
9:27 PM 5/7/2018
(collage poetry)

We use language to separate, to violently tear ourselves [apart].
There is necessarily something cruel.
Information feeds into the overproduction of the remainder.
Any oxidation or dust must be avoided.
Dialogue operates on the level of textuality.
Experience coincides with the consciousness of [the] viewers.
This transgression overflowing is something good and necessary.

A set of windows opening onto nothing
to shed light upon the emptiness of repetition,
trapped within a time-loop one cannot hope to escape. …

Watch this ZOOM conversation I have with Michelle Moloney King; Editor of Beir Bua Press

Cecil Touchon chats with Michelle Moloney King
Cecil Touchon Born 1956 Austin, Texas is a contemporary American collage artist, painter, published poet and theorist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico . Co-founder of the International Post-Dogmatist Group, Touchon is director of the group’s Ontological Museum, Founder of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction and founder of the International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists. …

Please enjoy this video interview of Cecil Touchon with Pierre Gervois.

The Face of America is an interview series winner of the 2020 George Stoney Social Impact Award, presented by Brooklyn Free Speech TV. The Face of America has been created by Pierre Gervois, an NYC Artist and Adjunct Professor at New York University.

This series features interviews of social justice activists, philanthropists, elected officials, artists, and amazing individuals who work to make the world a better place. Also broadcasted on Brooklyn Free Speech TV on 4th Tuesdays 8am & 10pm (Replay Thursdays same week & time)

With our…

Now that I sort of figured out the basics, enough to mint some niftys and buy my very own touchon.eth and even my first NFT by another artist, here are some initial thoughts from an artist point of view.

As an artist, one has to wonder about this new market place for artists to present their artworks in a novel way: Non fungible tokens, NFTs, Niftys.
I’m not going to try to explain what these are. I’ll refer you to cryptogeum.

This article is more about my thinking on the use of niftys as an artist.

As an engaged and…

On view (in 2014) at Lanoue Gallery in Boston

Interview in Artscope Magazine

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014, 2:56 pm

Cecil Touchon fits into a lot of categories, but would you expect anything else from the founder of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction. Three works from his “Post Dogmatist Painting” series will be on view through October 4 at Lanoue Fine Art, 450 Harrison Ave. #31, Boston. Artscope managing editor Brian Goslow “Cornered” Touchon by phone at his new studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Essay for an exhibition held April 15, 2016 — June 15, 2016

This was such a nice piece of writing about collage art that I felt it would be good to republish here on Repository Magazine along with some photos of the exhibition held at Nisa Touchon Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Artists in the show: Melinda Tidwell, Zach Touchon, Ginnie Gardiner, Matthew Rose, Marsha Balian, Lisa Hochstein, Robert Mars, Zach Collins, Waldemar Strempler, David Wallace, Kareem Rizk, Gary Bibb, Angela Holland, Steven B. …

Following up on the first article: On Being an Artist

Rosalia and I spent the Month of October, 2013 in Paris, France. We actually stayed in a little apartment down the street from Matthew Rose, an urban hunter/gatherer and master of collage art. We visited him on several occasions over the course of the month. His small, one bedroom apartment is, in its entirety a studio and not only a studio but a kind of installation piece. …

Story contributed by @mgiovenale — editor of differx, teacher & translator. Author of experimental prose pieces & poetry. Asemic writer & glitch artist. Also see slowforward.net

Usually the adjective “asemic” (=signless) was linked by some dictionaries to “asemia” as a pathologic failure consisting in an inability to comprehend or express words, gestures or sounds. It is not related to the idea of ‘asemic writing’.

The following screen shot image shows some good news for the Asemic Writing Community.

So, …after twenty years of the asemic writing movement, this ‘Cambridge turn of events’ looks like a great achievement.


When the…

Cecil Touchon

An artist, poet, publisher living in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA linktr.ee/touchon

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